Ceci N’est Pas Une Copie, Design between innovation and imitation, Chris Meplon. Lannoo, 2017, 238 p. 170 x 240 mm, Offset Printed.

Michiel & Arnout De Cleene, F/#1-13. Publisher: Art Paper Editions. Date: September 2017. Size: 250 x 307 mm. Offset Printed. (i.c.w. 6’65”)

F#1-13 flag during Michiel De Cleenes expo ‘Transitory Nature Three Selected episodes from Reference Guide, A growing Encyclopedia on Ships, Forests and Pacemakers’at 019 — Museum Of Moving Practice (01.09.2017-17.09.2017).

“# [book design] The dimensions of the pages in this book were determined by the size of the flag. The total surface of the paper used for each section (photographs of the flag, photographs of the wireframes, wind-barbs, and texts) equals the surface of the flag. The total surface of the paper used in this book therefore equals four times the surface of the flag.”

Video by Arnout & Michiel De Cleene. During a period of thirty-nine days, a flag and a wind sensor will be attached to De Mastplanters, at set times the gridded surface will be photographed, and data collected.

G1710. GAFPA, Maarten Van Den Driessche, Aglaia Konrad, Bert Huyghe, PRIMARY STRUCTURE
Art Paper Editions, January 2019, 192 p, 170 x 240 mm Offset, folded poster as cover, ISBN 9789493146037

The book includes 4 contributions in relation with the work of GAFPA. The book itself researches how to design a book by using its structure. By leaving one side uncut, the structure becomes visible and the user is forced to interact with the book by changing it’s continuity and revealing the work in the blind pages.