Ceci N’est Pas Une Copie, Design between innovation and imitation, Chris Meplon. Lannoo, 2017, 238 p. 170 x 240 mm, Offset Printed.

Theo De Meyer. Website for architect / designer, February 2018.

Identity and Signage for GENT KUNST, a 1 week arts festival organised by the city of Ghent.

Typography was made using the grid of heras fences in combination with colored plastics. The fences were placed in the city center during the event. (i.c.w. Jens Wijnendaele, Josse Pyl, Kahil Janssens, Stef Michelet & Timo Bonneure)

Online tool to develop designs for the signage on HERAS fences

GENT KUNST. Folder / Map, Cultuur Gent, April 2019, 763 x 400 mm folded to 85 x 200 mm, Offset Printed. An overview of galleries, off-spaces, art centres and museums in Ghent.

Gent Soiree. Poster, Cultuur Gent, April 2019, 420 x 594 mm, Offset Printed.

Gent Soiree. Poster, Cultuur Gent, October 2019, 420 x 594 mm, Offset Printed.

Signage in perforated steel for the renovation of a tower in Brussels (in development), icv GAFPA.

Poster and scenography for Ceci n’est pas une copie, Design between innovation and imitation at CID Grand Hornu.
Scenography by GAFPA. Curated by Chris Meplon.

A series of solidly masonry barrel vaults characterize the old stables of the Grand Hornu. The starting point for the scenography is the temporary wooden mould that was originally necessary for the creation of this space. Several of these semi-circular wooden constructions are set up in a horizontal position throughout the space and introduce a new route. The mould is again a temporary construction and functions as a fit for the exhibition.

“Le moule de la moule est la moule.” — Marcel Broodthaers, 1966.

Klassieke Muziek / Classical Music. Brochure for KASK & Conservatory Ghent. Date: April 2019. Size: 130 x 240 mm. Offset printed.

ONRUST, Magazine°8. Calendar Magazine, KASK & Conservatorium Gent, January 2019. 170 x 240 mm, Offset Printed.

SPITS. Identity / Poster, KASK & Conservatorium Gent, 2019 – …, 841 x 1189 mm / 594 x 841 mm, inkjet printed.
The poster is designed as a template where drawing students are invited to interact with it.

G1710. GAFPA, Maarten Van Den Driessche, Aglaia Konrad, Bert Huyghe, PRIMARY STRUCTURE
Art Paper Editions, January 2019, 192 p, 170 x 240 mm Offset, folded poster as cover, ISBN 9789493146037

The book includes 4 contributions in relation with the work of GAFPA. The book itself researches how to design a book by using its structure. By leaving one side uncut, the structure becomes visible and the user is forced to interact with the book by changing it’s continuity and revealing the work in the blind pages.